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BTS ′LOVE YOURSELF Her′ Fan Theories Event Results - 1

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2017.10.12 16:05 Mwave Kenzie Park

Since September 13 through September 25, Mwave held the Fan Theories Event leading up to BTS′ comeback with DNA. We were able to see how much fans cherished and enjoyed BTS′ concept and AU. Thanks to the many participants, entries will be revealed through a series of 3 articles. Through this article, check out the video entries and the text entries based on the LOVE YOURSELF concept.

Video Entries

Time Travel & butterfly effect

Theory Thursday: Mirror Your Past - BTS Highlight Reels Explanation

Happy Bday Niall!!!

Text Entries

Ian Lagadan

So the theory of love yourself is a theory that is still closely related to the era of the previous era that HYYH & WINGS all that has happened in Hyyh and wings is still strongly associated with the era of love yourself is. Can be seen from the highlight reel that tells all from beginning to end (Hmm no no no, bts theory never end.😌)
So HYYH and WINGS it is a story where the member′s problems begin. Then after the HYYH and wings it passes and switches to the new era in the highlight reel explained that they are not communicating again with each other, the members returned to live their life as usual .. And can be seen in their teaser.. the members meet the same women, yes women who come to their lives one by one. And now they′re in phase they′re in love with the woman

As illustrated, it seems that when the tree in spring day the tree is dry and fit in the love of yourself it fits its lush bushy tree means that they are like flashback to the era of spring day (they fit together in the train, birthday party in home) after their flashback is now in the life of the present day. they are running again (real life (highlight reel)) so in the end highlight reel it′s a photo of sea in spring day it means they have left the past and returned to their own self, and they have realized that all the problems, can be repeated again. And finally they try to accept everything that has happened and also try to love themselves. Because we can never love others properly if we just cannot love ourselves.

So love yourself.

i think everything talk about stop racism freedom to love who you want love ..and if you do that mean love yourself too.

Learning to love yourself and accepting everyone′s differences. Everyone′s beautiful in our own ways and unique! You have to accept who you are before learning to love other people. Like the four versions of the album that have different concepts, we are like that, we may think differently but we can still connect with each other. BTS makes armys happy and armys makes BTS happy. That′s the most important and we′ll find happiness we weren′t looking for, serendipity.

My theory about love yourself, we all are existing in different places and we live our life in different ways but all our goal is to be successful one. If you want to make yourself the perfect person, first of all you have to love yourself, love your life first then you can pass love to other people. Love can connect person heart to heart. Life is precious for everyone.

Meanwhile, BTS is going to reveal special performances through BTS COUNTDOWN today at 6PM KST, so don′t forget to tune in!

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