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[Interview Part I] A Peek at SNSD Tiffany’s Life, Styles and Fashion

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2012.08.08 00:00 Mwave 1st Look Magazine Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Positive energy hung about Tiffany like an aura, as she continuously used words like ‘very’ or ‘work hard’. There are things you can see about her with just one glance, like the effort she put into her work shining behind the bright smile on her face. The shoot that took place with Tiffany for Bean Pole Accessories, just a few days before the muse’s birthday, was, as expected, cheerful as ever.

[Interview Part I] A Peek at SNSD Tiffany’s Life, Styles and Fashion

I wonder how you’ve been doing

In the beginning of the year, I promoted as Taetiseo, and prepared for [Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD)] new single album Paparazzi. Now we’ve started promoting in Japan, and so I’ve been traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan.

Your birthday is coming up on August 1. Happy birthday in advance. What do you usually do on your birthdays?

That’s right. Thank you so much. A few days after my birthday, SNSD will also celebrate its fifth anniversary. Since my birthday is always in the same month as the anniversary for our debut, it’s usually celebrated more grandly than any of the other members’.

My fans send me a lot of presents, too. (Laugh) During most of my birthday’s I’ve worked, spent it with my members and some good food or used it to take a rest. I want to make it special this year; if you have any suggestions, I’m open.

There were two concepts for the photo spread, lovely and dandy. I heard you decided on the styling concepts yourself.

They were the last concepts that came up in my meeting with SNSD’s stylist Seo Soo Kyung. I thought it would be nice to add a bit of cute boyishness to a sexy and lovely girlish look. Actually when I first made my debut I had short hair, and I appealed with my epicene charms. I want to let more people know about the charms I never got to show off up to now.

For photo shoots you usually have to put on styles that you otherwise never would have tried. It’s a bit different from standing onstage as a member of SNSD. How does it feel?

Mm…. They’re not that different. Even when preparing for our performances I look over every detail. I look over the makeup, hair and even the details and cloth for our costumes. My experiences onstage have been a great help.

Now, a lot of time has passed [since my debut] and I can try on more mature concepts, so I can make the styles a bit more interesting. That’s why it’s fun and I really enjoy it.

[Interview Part I] A Peek at SNSD Tiffany’s Life, Styles and Fashion

I heard that you participated a lot in the styling for Taetiseo’s album. (Tiffany chose the red hair she dons in the music video for Twinkle herself, with Nicole Kidman of ‘Moulin Rouge’ in mind.)

Since my debut, I’ve tried many different hairstyles, from blond hair to orange hair. They say that it’s hard for Asians to look good in red hair, but Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone looked so great in it. That’s why I offered to do it, and fortunately I think it came out okay. (Laugh)

Were you always interested in fashion?

I didn’t know before, but I found that fashion was embedded in my everyday life. My parents, and even my aunts, wear clothes even now that are very different from others’. My mother especially had a great influence on me.

From when I was little, she always picked out things she thought looked good, and she always taught me about the different shades of [certain colors, like] pink. It came naturally to me.

Do you like to carry bags around?

Bags are like my family. I carry my life in these bags, so they’re very precious to me.

Do you like the bags you’re carrying for the shoot?

(Pointing at a pink bag) Hot pink! I recommend this one. I love pink. I believe this fall, bags with vivid colors will be in trend. Today I brought a pretty orange bag.

What do you carry in your handbag?

I didn’t bring much today because the shoot isn’t going to last too long, but I brought my wallet and the diary I use for scheduling. Whenever I have time, I add something to my schedule, like getting something polished or exercising. I write a lot, too. (Showing her open diary) I organize the clothing concepts in writing, or jot down the songs I want to perform onstage.

Please tell us more about the items in your bag.

I write in my diary with different colored pens. My perfume! Whenever I feel bad or when I need to feel more energized I put my perfume on. My hair band is pink, too. I also have glasses. When I leave home in the morning I wear glasses. There are powders and lip tints, which every woman carries around. I choose between red or pink depending on my clothes for the day. If you want to look pretty, you definitely have to use perfume and lip tints. (Laugh)

I usually carry around books and gaming devices too, but I didn’t bring them today. Oh, and my mp3 player. I always listen to music on it while I’m preparing.

This is Part I of 1st Look′s interview with SNSD′s Tiffany. Read Part II here.

Editor: Yoon Min Jung, Contributing Writer: Hong Seok Woo, Stylist: Seo Soo Kyung, Hair: Hee Won by Soon Soo, Makeup: Seo Ok by Soon Soo

Photo credit: Kim Young Joon

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