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Superstar K Season 4 Audition Applicants Surpass 2 Million

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2012.08.06 13:49 Mwave Translation Credit : May Myong Won Cho

Mnet’s national audition show Superstar K has officially announced that the number of applicants for the upcoming Season 4 has surpassed 2 million, and is currently at 2,083,447 people.

Last year’s Superstar K 3 had 1,967,267 applicants but this year’s line of people blows last season out of the water.

Superstar K4 opened its applications on March 8, and merely 61 days later, on May 7, the number of applicants had already surpassed 1 million, and 9 days later, it reached 1.5 million. On June 21, the number reached 2 million; a first ever for the series.

Superstar K Season 4 Audition Applicants Surpass 2 Million

Superstar K′s fame has risen since last year, and it is mostly due to the now-famous groups such as Ulala Session and Busker Busker who debuted on the show, won the ears and hearts of fans and continue to produce hit songs even now.

Superstar K is now known as the show that produces real celebrities, and therefore the competition to be a part of it has become tremendously fierce.

Another reason why there seems to be so many more applicants this year may be because the application process has become much easier. For last year’s Superstar K 3, applications were only accepted through ARS and UCC, but this year they are also allowed through KakaoTalk and even actual karaoke machines.

More over, this year’s Superstar K4 recruits a broader range of people. Last year, auditions were held in only 8 places across Korea, L.A. and New York, but this year, auditions are also being held in Australia, and across military camps in Korea to find who have musical talent.

Mnet commented, “If our show was all about the numbers, then we would already made it by now.”

He also stated that “Superstar K is no longer a mere music audition show, it’s a music festival for where everyone can enjoy themselves.” He went on to add that he thanks “each and every person who applied for Superstar K4 and showed support for the show.”

Superstar K4 producer Kim Tae Eun said the show is being “rated by many as a ticket to a dream come true”, and he added that he was confident that “this year’s Superstar K4 will also provide a star who will surprise the world.”

Superstar K4 has already finished all preliminary rounds in L.A., New York, Sydney and across army bases in Korea.

The first episode will be aired on August 17 at 11pm. Right before the first airing in August 15, there will also be a Superstar K Opening Concert at the Jamsil Gymnasium where all former Superstar K winners and the main Top 10 artists will perform and celebrate a new season of the successful show.

Watch the live stream of the first episode on Global Mnet!

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