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Reply 1997 Brings Vintage Back into Style

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2012.08.06 22:00 Mwave Translation Credit : May Myong Won Cho

The oldies are back! The ‘90s culture, or ‘the new vintage’ is quickly becoming a hit, and those currently in their 20s and 30s are experiencing a blast from the past.

It’s not just the old ‘90s pop they can nod their heads along to, it’s the whole shebang that′s bringing back a flood of memories among viewers. Being hailed as the new ‘blast from the past drama’, Reply 1997 is the series to watch.

Viewers are intrigued with the drama’s portrayal of first love, high school problems and the coming of age, but what′s truly exciting viewers are the many details that pop up to remind them of the ′90s.

Reply 1997 Brings Vintage Back into Style

After the first episode of Reply 1997 was aired, viewers expressed their joy over the drama through various SNS and forums.

Several reactions include “I really thought I had jumped through the TV and into the past, it’s that vivid!” and “My mom and I used to watch through that old TV too, just like Si Won and her mom.”

Others too are joining in to the craze. “My dad always makes fun of whatever drama I watch, but this time he’s actually watching it with me, and he’s in love with the whole thing!”, to “I went through my whole room just to find my old pager and walkman. It’s such a strange feeling to see them again.”

Reply 1997’s official website tvN is currently holding a competition, ‘Bring Back the Memories’, to find out who among the viewers has the most interesting item of the Korean ‘90s.

Fans of the show have already posted pictures of their old pagers, Tamagotchis, H.O.T. posters and concert tickets, video tapes and cassette tapes, reminiscing their youth.

The competition will continue until August 14, and winners will be awarded with additional items of the ‘90s; a pair of Guess jeans, an Eastpak backpack,and more.

Reply 1997 Brings Vintage Back into Style

Reply 1997 is a vintage drama set in Busan of the 1990s, where the biggest craze among teenage girls were boy bands such as H.O.T. and Sechs Kies. It′s about six friends; the unstoppable fangirl Si Won, the dreamy Yoo Jung, the silent but passionate Yoon Jae, the ‘erotic king’ Hak Chan, the sensitive and mysterious Joon Hee and more.

Reruns of episodes 3 and 4 of tvN’s Reply 1997 will be showing on August 6 at 11pm and new episodes 5 and 6 will air on August 7 at 11pm. The new episodes will show how Yoon Jae is barely coping while falling head over heels for Si Won.

Photo credit: tvN

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