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[Preview] ‘Gone With the Wind’, a Comic Blockbuster Beyond Expectation

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2012.08.05 21:00 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

Cha Tae Hyun dons a hanbok, gat and smiles in his poster. Just looking at the main poster for Gone With the Wind one would think it’s another Cha Tae Hyun comedy movie. With the main story about stealing 30,000 blocks of ice in Seobinggo, the surprising story feels even more comedic.

To put it succinctly, Gone With the Wind is indeed a comedy movie but it has the makings of a blockbuster movie. However, it is hard to know that until one watches the movie. Since what happens before one’s eyes are a bit different than what one anticipated, there’s a lot of fun in it.

[Preview] ‘Gone With the Wind’, a Comic Blockbuster Beyond Expectation

In the movie, the first vice-premier Jo Myung Soo tries to monopolize his holding on blocks of ice while accusing the second vice-premier of the act.

The second vice-premier’s bastard son, Duk Moo (Cha Tae Hyun) then attempts to steal the ice blocks.

Duk Moo comes to partner with Dong Soo (Oh Ji Ho) who was kicked out as a warrior due to Jo Myung Soo’s slander. In order to steal the 30,000 blocks of ice, a team of aces are assembled.

Hanyang’s best patron, Soo Kyun (Sung Dong Il) acts as the financer who joins the grave robber (Koh Chang Suk), bomb-maker Dae Hyun (Shin Jung Keun), master disguiser Jae Joon (Song Jong Ho), speedy delivery man Chul Joo (Kim Kil Dnog), intelligence expert Sul Hwa (Lee Chae Young), rumor-maker Nan Yi (Kim Hyang Gi) and diving expert Soo Ryun (Min Hyo Rin),for the heist. To this team, the mysterious strategist kid Jung Goon (Chun Bo Geun) ends up joining.

The movie is a blend of traditional and fusion, romance and historic. As the movie is shot in an icy environment the movie feels all the more refreshing. The CG used for the ice collapse scene is very surprising for its scale.

Set in the period between King Young Jo and King Jung Jo’s time, the various accurate historic references in the movie is very surprising and diverse.

The fact the characters actually did exist in the past is also very exciting. The main character Lee Duk Moo was an actual Silhak scholar while Baek Dong Soo was an actual warrior in the late Joseon Dynasty.

In real life, there was a deep bond between Baek Dong Soo and Lee Duk Moo. The two wrote the martial arts textbook, Muyedobotongji. Jung Goon in history was the child name of the actual historic person Jung Yak Yong.

[Preview] ‘Gone With the Wind’, a Comic Blockbuster Beyond Expectation

Cha Tae Hyun shared on the movie, “For the movie, I studied extensively on the story of prince Se Hyun. Jung Yak Yong actually has the nickname ‘Three Eyebrows’. Take a close look at Jung Yak Yong’s eyebrows. There’s a lot of fun points in them.”

Featuring a star-studded cast of actors, the amusement and laughter is all the more thanks to them. Sung Dong Il and Go Chang Suk, as expected, are a delight to watch. In particular, Go Chang Suk’s visuals are a work of art. Song Jong Ho’s Jae Joon brings about unexpected laughter as well.

The dynamic music, created by Kim Tae Sung, also adds to the movie.

The movie is one that can be watched by men and women of all ages and comes just in time for the summer vacation period. The movie will premiere on August 8.

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