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[Exclusive Interview] Actor Ahn Jae Min Apologizes for Speaking Up in T-ara Issue

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2012.08.03 11:27 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Actor Ahn Jae Min, who got mixed up in the complications surrounding T-ara with a tweet supposedly taking sides with T-ara member Eun Jung, opened up on his thoughts behind the tweet for the first time.

[Exclusive Interview] Actor Ahn Jae Min Apologizes for Speaking Up in T-ara Issue

Ahn Jae Min said in a phone call with enews on August 3, “Eun Jung is like a little sister and she’s a junior I care for. I was so worried and anxious about the T-ara incident and I tried to call her, but her phone number had changed. That’s why I left the tweet, but….”

On August 1, Ahn Jae Min came under fire for tweeting, ‘The Eun Jung I know is very pure. She’s lonely, and she has a personality that isn’t like a celebrity’s.’

He added for Eun Jung, ‘You’re probably having a hard time now. I hope you stay strong, and I pray it’ll become better with time. I love you, little sister.’

Netizens didn’t let the tweet go unnoticed, as they told him he had been rash to express his support for Eun Jung openly in such a time. Later on, the actor apologized through another tweet.

Ahn Jae Min explained, “I first got to know Eun Jung when I was 17 or 18 years old, when the two of us were working as extras. She then became my junior in college, and I think fondly of her because we were together during the hard times in our lives.”

“I wasn’t trying to take sides with Eun Jung; I was expressing my sorrow at the incident,” he added. “I left the post to mean that both sides will be very sad. I’m sorry it became a text that supports one side in the issue.”

He finished, “I’m an actor that’s practically unknown. I was so surprised that a post I left about my personal emotions made it into newspaper headlines. I believe I should’ve tried to find other ways of contacting Eun Jung even though I couldn’t reach her. I want to apologize for being so rash.”

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