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Reply 1997 Features Fun Subtitles for Easy Pop Culture Understanding

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2012.08.03 04:00 Mwave Translation Credit : May Myong Won Cho

The vintage drama Reply 1997 which is being hailed as ‘a blast from the past’, is also receiving attention for its fun subtitles. S

Some people may ask, why the Korean subtitles for a Korean drama, but this is all for those who may have a hard time understanding the time and setting and cultural atmosphere in which the series takes place.

Reply 1997 Features Fun Subtitles for Easy Pop Culture Understanding

Those who weren’t hardcore H.O.T. fans back in the day may have a hard time understanding what Si Won means when she says she is ‘the one and only An Seung Wife’ who follows ‘Pocari’ around. Moreover, this is all said in a thick southern Busan dialect; ′satoori′.

An Seung Ho is the real name of H.O.T. member Tony An, hence the ′An Seung Wife′ nickname, while Pocari is a nickname for his blue and white car. The Busan satoori is also written out in the standard form as subtitles to bring humour to the screen of Reply 1997.

Seoul transfer student Hak Chan arrives in Busan, and Sung Jae is asked by the teacher to take the new kid around for a tour of the school. Sung Jae decides to tease him by using a sentence laced with satoori vocabulary. The subtitles provided at the bottom of the screen kindly interpret his sentence: “You got me at a bad time, I’m the one cleaning up today, so I’ll give you a tour once this is all done, alright?”

Sung Jae’s actor Lee Shi Un is in reality from Busan himself, therefore his satoori is genuine and by all counts, perfect. Fans are deeming Hak Chan’s actor Eun Ji Won’s dazed and confused expression when met with this onslaught of dialect as priceless.

As each new episode is released, more people are starting to feel the addiction creeping up; people want to hear more of the genuine satoori.

Coming from Busan, Jung Eun Ji and Hoya effortlessly take care of the genuine Busan satoori, while Seo In Guk from Ulsan acheives the same. Sung Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Song Jong Ho and other actors also prove to be professionals at putting on the southern accent, and this bubbly bunch definitely adds to the fun the drama provides.

Across the web and on the bloggersphere, Eun Ji’s satoori memes are starting to pop up, while fans are also trying to ‘decipher’ some of the more uncommon and wacky satoori featured on the show.

Fans’ reactions have been more than positive towards the show.

“I can genuinely understand what all of them are saying because I was also a hardcore H.O.T. fan back in the day, but I love how the producers are putting in the extra effort to help others understand this culture,” says one fan.

“My mom is from Busan and she translates the satoori for me while I give her the basics on H.O.T. and fan culture. It’s so much fun, and the subtitles help a lot!” said another.

“That utterly lost look on Eun Ji Won’s face is exactly how I would look if I was bombarded with hardcore satoori” laughs yet another fan.

Reruns of episodes 3 and 4 of Reply 1997 will be showing on August 1st at 1:30pm, August 5 at 12pm and August 6 at 11pm. New episodes 5 and 6 will be airing on August 7 from 11pm. The new episodes will show how Yoon Jae is barely coping while falling head over heels for Si Won.

Reply 1997 is a vintage drama set in Busan of the 1990s, where the biggest craze among teenage girls were boy bands such as H.O.T. and Sechs Kies. It is about six boys and girls; the unstoppable fangirl Si Won, the silent but passionate Yoon Jae, the ‘erotic king’ Hak Chan, the sensitive and mysterious Joon Hee and more.

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