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[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

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2012.07.31 19:15 Mwave Nancy Lee

The current Core Contents Media/T-ara versus Hwayoung scandal is snowballing into one huge PR mess, and it’s showing no signs of blowing over as it appears everyone and their mothers have been adding their two cents on the issue.

This isn’t the first time an idol star scandal has rocked the entertainment industry, however, as even our favorite, prettily-packaged idols have surprised us with some not-so-idol-esque moves, ranging from contract disputes to run-ins with the law.

Idol stars certainly know how to grab our attention, but, for this week’s poll, we want to know which idol star scandals, past and present, shocked you the most.

T-ara′s Hwayoung exits group

After a series of elusive, passive-agressive tweets made by T-ara′s members and rumors of the girls making an outcast out of member Hwayoung, Core Contents Media announced it would be canceling its contract with Hwayoung and that she would be leaving the group.

The scandal has since produced a messy web of he said, she said claims as the agency attempts to do some damage control, while individuals have come forward, sharing their accounts of the girls′ treatment of Hwayoung.

It doesn′t look like the controversy will be cleared up anytime soon, as individuals appear to be adding fuel to the fire by the day.

[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

TVXQ’s split, JYJ’s lawsuit against SM

In 2009, Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu of the beloved five-member boy band TVXQ shook up the K-Pop world when they filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, wanting out of their 13-year exclusive contract with the talent agency, which they cited as unfair and invalid.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the three members and, in 2011, dismissed SM’s injunction against them, enabling them to promote as group JYJ. The remaining two members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin continue to remain active as TVXQ under SM.

[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

Jay Park’s MySpace scandal, exit from 2PM

Former 2PM leader Jay Park found himself knee-deep in hot water and the target of severe backlash in 2009 when netizens dug up negative comments he made about Korea on MySpace during his trainee days.

His comments on the social networking website, which included, “Korea is gay” and “I hate Koreans” outraged protestors, who demanded Jay Park be removed from the group.

Although JYP Entertainment assured loyal fans that Jay Park would remain with 2PM, the singer ultimately announced his exit from the group.

After taking some time off and keeping fans updated through YouTube, Jay Park signed with Sidus HQ to start up promotions in Korea again and has been active as a solo artist since.

[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

Kara’s contract dispute

Bolstered by megahits Honey, Mister and Lupin, Kara appeared to be on top of the world, so the K-Pop industry was left baffled when news of a contract dispute that threatened girl group’s very existence broke in 2011.

Four of the five members, minus leader Park Gyuri, announced they would be terminating their contracts with talent agency DSP, citing issues of being overworked and misled about their Japanese promotions.

This contract saga, however, ends well, as all of the members resolved their issues with the company a few months later and continue to reign the K-Pop world as one of its representative girl groups.

[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

Big Bang Daesung’s car accident

Big Bang member Daesung’s car accident, which involved the death of a motorcyclist, was one of the major celebrity news stories of 2011.

Daesung ran over a drunk motorcyclist who had been lying on the road after crashing into a streetlamp; however, the charges against the singer were later dropped, when police found that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Daesung’s negligent driving directly caused the victim’s death.

Although Daeung was acquitted of the motorcyclist’s death in 2011, the Big Bang member continued to lay low and only officially returned to the K-Pop scene when Big Bang released its fifth mini album Alive earlier this year.

[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

Big Bang G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon also found himself scandal-ridden when reports surfaced belatedly in October 2011 confirming the singer had been charged for smoking marijuana earlier that year in July.

YG Entertainment worked hard to clean up the mess involving its artist quickly thereafter, and G-Dragon himself later addressed the scandal on TV, ahead of Big Bang’s highly-anticipated comeback earlier this year.

[Poll] Which Idol Star Scandal Shocked You the Most?

2PM Nichkhun’s DUI

Most recently, 2PM’s representative Mr. Nice Guy member Nichkhun was caught doing something naughty, when he was busted for driving under the influence of alcohol after getting into a minor car accident.

Although the T-ara scandal is overshadowing Nichkhun’s not so shining moment, the controversy still hasn’t cooled, as the 2PM member continues to suffer from the fan fallout.

Which of the above issues was the biggest idol scandal in your opinion? Let us know by voting in this week’s poll!

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