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He Says, She Says: What Stars Say about the T-ara Controversy

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2012.07.31 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The whole T-ara controversy began with a few tweets by the T-ara members themselves, when they began tweeting about will, respect, and consideration, which was met with a rebuttal by Hwa Young, urging the public to believe that that were member conflicts happening within the group.

Now that Core Contents Media has announced Hwa Young’s exit from the group, raising all kinds of unnecessary awareness and damage, even celebrities are speaking up about the incident.

Beginning on July 30, celebrities tweeted about the T-ara controversy - some choosing the address it head on, while others leaving things a little more ambiguous.

He Says, She Says: What Stars Say about the T-ara Controversy

On July 31, actor Shin Hyeon Joon tweeted,

“Outcast… A cowardly murderer with no face. If you cause pain to someone, you will receive a greater pain. It is a great thing when good things happen to people around me.”

Former After School member, Kahi also left a mysterious tweet, saying,

“Either way, it doesn’t seem like someone else′s business.”

She seemed to be implying her personal thoughts on the T-ara incident and caused netizens to wonder if she experienced something like this before.

He Says, She Says: What Stars Say about the T-ara Controversy

Rapper E.via directly addressed the issue, by tweeting on July 30,

“T Jinyo just doesn’t seem right. Is witch-hunting your hobby? I, too, feel terrible for that person and am curious for the truth, but doing something like will only increase the number of people in pain. Let’s put a limit to our curiosity. Are we going to say, ‘Oh shoot,’ after another person commits suicide?”

E.via also explained that she has been a victim of bullying. “I know [bullying] is something that shouldn’t be done, but I want to say that leading to witch-hunting should not happen either.”

Japanese fashionista and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also tweeted, “Outcasts are no good. Really low,” showing her sympathy for Hwa Young.

He Says, She Says: What Stars Say about the T-ara Controversy

Popular webtoon artist, Lee Mal Nyun, particularly stood out from the others with his aggressive tweet towards T-ara.

He tweeted,

“T-ara, you b*tches, all of the Olympics articles are buried because of you. I’m f**king pissed off.”

He Says, She Says: What Stars Say about the T-ara Controversy

However, one of the most notable comments came from former S#arp member, Lee Ji Hye, whose group actually broke up in 2002 due to member conflicts.

On July 30, Lee Ji Hye appeared on her TV show Lee Ji Hye’s Secret, where she examined the most searched topics of the day, which ended up becoming the Hwa Young – T-ara controversy.

Lee Ji Hye carefully spoke about the matter, saying, “S#arp broke up because of constant disagreements, but because only one member has left T-ara, it’s a bit hard to talk about the matter.”

She added, “It might be true, it might be false, but I believe that everyone is a victim and a wrongdoer. Not only is Hwa Young in pain, but all of the members are.”

She left a mysterious tweet on July 31 saying, "Are you in pain? Call unnie."

Photo Credit: Shin Hyun Joon, Kahi, E.Via, Lee Mal Nyun, Lee Ji Hye′s Twitters, Palm TV

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