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Infinite Crowns a Courage King

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2012.07.27 13:04 Mwave Translation Credit : May Myong Won Cho

Each Wednesday brings us yet a new look of the Infinite’s members on Mnet’s Infinite Rank King. This week on July 25, we got to see the different reactions that members Sung Jong and Dong Woo had when faced with scary ghosts.

In the chilling Episode 10, the Infinite members were tasked with entering a haunted house to try to find a hidden gourd, in order to snag the title of Courage King.

Infinite Crowns a Courage King

Before the task began, the show revealed a fan-voted list of who they thought would be the Courage King.

Charismatic rapper of the group, Dong Woo came 4th, while the youngest of the group Sung Jong came 3rd. While their ranks did not seem to differ that much, when it came to the actual game, fans were surprised to see that the two members were actually complete opposite of what was expected.

With Dong Woo, viewers could see much he was afraid of all the ghosts that jumped out from their hiding places to spook him, screaming "Stop it! Go away!"

When one long-haired female ghost jumped out at him from behind a bunch of crocks, Dong Woo actually fell down on the ground nearly in tears. Dong Woo even went on to mistake the filming crew as ghosts, and he quickly bought laughter to the whole set.

Oppositely, Sung Jong proved that although he was the youngest out of all the members, he wasn′t easily scared. Throughout the show, he surprised everyone by staying cool and collected in face of the many horrors.

Sung Jong showed how he wasn′t a baby by saying, “I’m a sucker for scary movies, and I’m a legit scary movie fan.”

Back at Infinite’s residence, Sung Jong watches so many scary movies that his fellow group members all try stop him from by buying any more by screaming “Stop putting scary films onto the credit card bill!”

After the producers filmed the episode, they all talked about how Sung Jong had been focused only on finding the hidden bottle, and that he didn’t even flinch when ghosts jumped out at him.

Viewers can catch up with Infinite Rank King. which airs every Wednesday at 5pm and 9pm.

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