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Member Replacements and Conflict: The Problems with the Present Idol Group Rush

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2012.07.26 05:03 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

There are so many idol groups out there these days, because almost every agency in K-Pop has started to produce idol groups.

It’s become easier to succeed by promoting overseas through social networks and Youtube, and there are more opportunities to pull profit from as K-Pop has become popular not only in Asia, but across the world.

Member Replacements and Conflict: The Problems with the Present Idol Group Rush

The cost of debuting idol groups has dropped also, as singers have started to release their songs more often in downloadable formats through music sites than physical CDs.

As such, idol group production has become a promising area that yields big returns compared to the cost invested, drawing agencies to the investment of idol groups.

One high-level official from an agency that recently helped a male idol group debut said, “For the long-term, an agency must have at least one idol group. It especially must have a male idol group, because music downloads, CDs and related industries have started to mainly target women in their teens, 20s or even 30s and 40s.”

This is why idol groups galore have started to adorn music sites and music shows. It is good in that fans now have a bigger variety of songs to listen to, but a close-up look shows that the trend isn’t all fun and games.

Because everyone has been rushing to release new idol groups, they’ve been cruising past quite a few weak spots lurking in the shadows.

For example, one group that was lined up for a debut had to push the release of its album farther back than expected.

It had confirmed its debut and even finished shooting photos for the CD, but a few members in the end decided to leave.

Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group EXID also went through something similar, as just a few months after it made its debut in February, three members decided to leave the group.

The group is preparing for another comeback in August, but it can’t avoid the fact that it’s barely managed to stumble into existence with member replacements and other problems that followed.

Such problems occur because idol groups are put together by the agency, which means that the members may not get along that well from the start.

A rep from an agency that had to replace some of the members in its rookie group told enews, “We decided to replace a member because the member caused conflict in the group. We decided it would be better to make the member leave in the group’s beginnings for its future.”

The rush to produce idol groups has been causing quite a lot of discord inside and outside the groups, as some members cause friction while others leave when they are unable to bear the harsh training conditions.

It is true that with the K-Pop boom, idol groups have become the fad, but there is a need to think over the many problems that have been arising here and there in the process.

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