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[Star of the Week] Infinite: Which Member is King?

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2012.07.22 12:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

After chasing and conquering the music scene with album Infinitize earlier this year, the boys have been engaging in fierce battles every week on their very own Mnet variety show Infinite’s Rank King to see who comes out on top as ‘King’ in a number of competitive categories.

[Star of the Week] Infinite: Which Member is King?

In anticipation of the upcoming spooky haunted house episode, which will have the members competing for the title of ‘Courage King,’ we’ve decided to look back on how some of the members have fared in the competitions, from Popularity King to the King of Knowledge and Fashion King, thus far.

[Star of the Week] Infinite: Which Member is King?

On the Popularity King episode, Woo Hyun was selected as the Infinite fans’ favorite member according to a Twitter survey, while youngest member Sung Jong received the least amount of votes.

However, when the members were given the opportunity to choose the most popular member among themselves, the fan’s least favorite and youngest member Sung Jong came out on top, while leader Sung Kyu placed last. Oh, how quickly the tables can turn.

[Star of the Week] Infinite: Which Member is King?

As if being voted the least popular member wasn’t enough, future battles proved to salt the wound as leader Sung Kyu’s cheating ways couldn’t even help him escape his long losing streak.

Luck was finally on Sung Kyu’s side during the Math Race for the title of ‘Athletic King’ when he managed to snag a win for the first time and even answered a question correctly and regaining some control on the Knowledge King episode a week later. Could Sung Kyu be the sharpest tool in the Infinite shed?

[Star of the Week] Infinite: Which Member is King?

If you can’t be the brains, however, L proves he’s just fine being the beauty—er, brawny member—of the group, taking the Fashion King title after fending off some fierce competition.

To see more of the members battling it out for the title of King, be sure to check out Infinite Rank King every Wednesday on Mnet.

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