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[Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Will Keep Going Its Own Way

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2012.07.22 02:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

It′s harder to stay alive in the flood of new groups than to keep your head above water.

Many of the group members I′ve met in the past few years have said their goodbyes and returned to their hometowns after throwing in the towel.

There′s a reason why they say the ones who last long and endure are the real winners.

[Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Will Keep Going Its Own Way

So, how does it feel then to have been able to stay alive as a girl group?

Brown Eyed Girls is one of the oldest girl groups out there with six years of experience under its belt since its debut in 2006.

You can feel how much time has passed between then and now when Narsha says, "No matter where we go, we′re busy trying to return our juniors′ greetings."

The group′s new single, One Summer Night, shows just how seasoned this group has become. Other singers have come out with dance songs fit for the hot summer, but Brown Eyed Girls has gone on a journey to find its roots, going back to the type of music it often sang for its first album.

Add that to the matured vocals and emotions the members have picked up during their six years as singers, and you get a return of the matured original Brown Eyed Girls.

"We didn′t want to be ordinary," Jea said. "We tried to keep the unique and soulful feel in a classy way."

Jea produced the group′s new digital single. This is also the reason why the single album′s title is Brown Eyed Girls the Original.

Narsha said, "Our fans were looking for some cool Brown Eyed Girls-style music, but they were taken by surprise. As soon as they heard the song they said we′re brave and that they can feel how we′ve matured. (Laugh) We were originally a vocalist group from the start, but after Abracadabra became a hit our performances always made more issues. We actually learned how to dance after we signed with our company, so we were so awkward. (Laugh)"

They weren′t completely bad at dancing, but this may be good news for those who want to dance but shake their heads when asked.

Brown Eyed Girls, which lets off its own brand of charisma and powerful performances onstage, also learned the ways of the trade late in their careers.

[Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Will Keep Going Its Own Way

The group proved it′s never too late to learn by taking over K-Pop with its dances.

Other than its moves, Brown Eyed Girls also has another weapon. It is that the group didn′t make it to the top overnight but took it step by step.

Jea said, "If we had made it big from the start, the four of us wouldn′t be here now. We were unknown for some time, and we had a hard time trying to learn how to dance so late. The light started shining on us little by little, and then it brought us so much love. That′s why the present is the most precious for us, and it helped us not to forget our original mindsets."

"They say that celebrities who become big stars overnight get really stressed once they take a fall," Narsha said. "People do change, but I believe it′s better to succeed step by step, like us. That′s probably why we keep hearing that we′re not like celebrities at all."

The way the members took the words out of each other′s mouths showed how much of a close family the group had become.

It was the energy that fueled their six years of maturity. These days they′ve been feeling the responsibility being piled on them with the passage of time. "I′m awed at how we managed to stay alive six years as a girl group," said Narsha. "As we′re greeted by more juniors, the responsibility put on us grows."

Brown Eyed Girls concentrates these days on being a senior that will make any junior proud.

"We won′t go with the trend, and we′ll mature by singing music that fits us. We want to become a group that′s recognized not only by our fans, but by our fellow musicians this way."

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