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Joo Ji Hoon Says He′ll Dress Up Like a Servant If ′I Am the King′ Succeeds

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2012.07.21 14:31 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Joo Ji Hoon made a funny pledge for his film′s success at the box office.

The showcase for I Am the King took place on July 20 in Seoul.

Director Jang Gyu Sung and actors Joo Ji Hoon, Park Young Kyu, Im Won Hee, Honey Lee and Kim So Hyun attended the showcase to talk about the film.

Joo Ji Hoon Says He′ll Dress Up Like a Servant If ′I Am the King′ Succeeds

Joo Ji Hoon said, "If our film gathers more than five million moviegoers, I′ll walk around Daehangno with Im Won Hee in slave attire."

Joo Ji Hoon plays two roles in the film, one of the slave Deok Chil, and the other of Prince Choong Nyeong (King Sejong), who escapes from the palace saying he doesn′t want to be king.

The film especially gathered much interest for being Joo Ji Hoon′s first comeback piece since his release from the army and his drug scandal.

He added, "I won′t just be there for a short time. I′ll get an espresso and waffles. I′ll take pictures, shake hands and give out autographs. Just to the first three people who come though."

Park Young Kyu jumped in, saying, "Since I′m supposed to be a king, I′ll dress up like a king and follow [Joo Ji Hoon and Im Won Hee] around. I′ll buy people anything they say they want. No limits. They′ll know what to do."

Honey Lee said she would play her gayageum.

Joo Ji Hoon joked again, "Then let′s meet at Daehangno."

I Am the King is about the three months just before King Sejong becomes king, which are not written down in history. It will premiere on August 9.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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