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Secret Butting Heads With Girls’ Generation?

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2011.10.19 18:26 Mwave Park, HyunMin

Secret has decided to go head-to-head with the nation’s most popular girl group, Girls’ Generation. Was this a smart move or a trainwreck waiting to happen?

Secret Butting Heads With Girls’ Generation?

On October 18, Secret released its first full album, Moving in Secret,while its first single, Love is MOVE reached the top of the charts in no time. But just twenty-four hours later, songs from Girls’ Generation’s third album snagged the top spots, raining on Secret’s (one day) parade.

Going head-to-head

Girls’ Generation had originally planned on making its comeback on October 5, but delayed its release to mid-October due to worldwide promotions.

As the group’s comeback date got pushed back, various artists also pushed back their dates, as avoiding the competition with Korea’s hottest girl group seemed like the smarter choice. In an era when the life span of a song has gotten shorter and shorter, it’s absolutely crucial for singers to get as much attention and top the music charts as fast as they can.

This issue is also directly related to how much an agency can earn through commercials and TV programs. It’s no surprise then that an agency focuses all its attention on making a singer’s comeback as explosive and flashy as possible.

The fact that Secret is willing to go head-to-head with Girls’ Generation by releasing an album one day prior is noteworthy.

Secret Butting Heads With Girls’ Generation?

Competition? Or a cordial relationship?

On the surface, the two girl groups have taken on a cordial stance, as both agencies state that no form of competition is taking place.

In a recent interview with enews, Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation stated, “It’s fun looking at other great singers on stage. The members of Wonder Girls are really talented and I really want to see them, as well as other singers.”

The girls were also confident. In response to what differentiated them from all the other girl groups, Taeyeon added, “We’re the only girl group that finished 14 arena tours in Japan. You can’t ignore that fact. We experienced a lot in Japan. It’s been a year since we’ve been back, so we’re more than prepared.

A representative of Secret also states, “We’re not trying to achieve something by winning over Girls’ Generation. It’s great that we can positively compete with Girls’ Generation.”

Secret Butting Heads With Girls’ Generation?

Nothing to lose

Unfortunately, Secret hasn’t had the best of luck during each comeback, as the group had to face tough competitors, including Rain, Lee Hyori, and CN Blue.

Despite this setback, however, Secret has continuously achieved success on the music charts several times.

For this album, Secret has cast aside its cutesy image and has returned oozing sex appeal, returning to its Magic and Madonna days. Secret′s main appeal is its retro beat and sexy choreography, with lyrics that confidently tell the guys, “Treat me well when you have the chance.”We can assume that the group is avoiding directly competing with Girls’ Generation’s image, which, while much stronger than those during its Gee and Oh! days, is comparitively different.

Even if Secret doesn’t win over Girls’ Generation on the charts or music programs, the group will be frequently mentioned alongside Girls’ Generation, and in this aspect, major credit should be given to Secret, who′s got a lot less experience under its belt.

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Translation credit: Esther Oh

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