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Han Ye Seul at ‘Love and Cash’ Press Conference

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2011.10.19 17:44 Mwave Lee, JinHo

Han Ye Seul appeared in front of the press for the first time in two months, and contrary to the concerns voiced based on the Spy Myeongwol fiasco, she seems to have turned over a new leaf.

Han Ye Seul at ‘Love and Cash’ Press Conference

Han was present for the Love and Cash press conference, which took place on October 19 in Seoul. She was smiling all throughout the event, and was showing that she was on close terms with the rest of the team, including Song Joong Ki, Director Kim Jung Hwan and the other actors.

The previews also proved that Han′s new attitude wasn′t just a sudden act put on for the conference. The trailer and character films showed the sweet romance between Han′s and Song′s characters, while the behind-the-scenes footage showed a bright and friendly Han feeding a hardworking staff worker a piece of samgyupsal (pork belly). Her passion toward her acting was also displayed, when she sincerely asked for another try at a scene, in order to perfect her acting.

Han Ye Seul at ‘Love and Cash’ Press Conference

When asked how the mood at the actual shoot was, Han answered, “[Song] Joong Ki makes good company. He’s very pleasant and cute, so I felt comfortable around him. I would pat his bottom as if he was my little brother, and we treated each other as if we really were siblings.”

Song Joong Ki added, “I’m usually not the sociable type, but I believe that at the set, of course, I have to act like [I am]. Because Han Ye Seul was a difficult senior to get close to, I became more outgoing and acted cuter than usual.”

Han Ye Seul at ‘Love and Cash’ Press Conference

As it is her first official piece after Spy Myeongwol, Love and Cash will prove to be a very important piece for Han, which the actress seemed to be aware of as she said, “I’ve never thought that I would like a piece I was in to be a big success, but this piece is important to me. I’ve put a lot of meaning into my role of Hong Sil.”

“I found a resemblance of myself in Hong Sil when I was working in the show business. I think the public will empathize with her a lot too. I’ve learned how to look at the world differently. I hope it becomes a piece that lasts in the memories of many people in the audience,” Han added.

But on the overall character of Hong Sil, Han said that Hong Sil doesn’t resemble her real self at all, as Hong Sil is “a tough girl who only concentrates on gathering money regardless of religion or love.”

Love and Cash is a rom com about the tough tightwad, Hong Sil, and her partnership with the unemployed Ji Woong (Song Joong Ki). The film will premiere on November 10.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan

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