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SHINee Debut Concert a Success in Japan

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2011.07.29 11:10 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

People are never satisfied with what they have. It’s human nature; you always sprint toward what you think might be a better future, but when you get there it’s never what you thought it would be. You work hard to get a new home, but once you get it, you always want a bigger one, and in this largely unemployed world, you say that you’ll do anything for some work, only to realize once you start working that you want something more. ‘Satisfaction’ is a word that is so hard to translate to reality.

On the outside, Simon D, from the hip-hop duo, Supreme Team, looks like one of the lucky ones. He made his commercial debut in July of 2009 after gathering big groups of fans through his underground ventures, and soon after, gained some fame with his tough guy personality and strong Busan accent.

The odds of a hip-hop singer becoming famous, and so soon after his debut, are small, but he made it and built a career that anyone would be ′satisfied′ with.

So we asked him whether he was satisfied.

SHINee held a successful debut concert in Japan to a roaring crowd of 30,000 female fans.

SHINee Debut Concert a Success in Japan

Japan’s Sankei Sports reported, “SHINee held a debut event on August 28 at the Nakano Sun Plaza to the cheers of 30,000 die-hard fans,” and added, “Of the Korean groups who have held debut events, this concert drew the largest crowd.”

“A lot of people asked me whether I was satisfied and happy when I suddenly became famous. Of course, it’s surprising, so I should be satisfied. But for the question on whether I was happy, I would always answer ‘yes’ but my heart would keep saying otherwise.”

In other words, his heart wanted something more, and he wasn’t happy with what he had, like most of us naturally would be. He would enjoy himself as an entertainer, but as soon as he left the set, he would be washed over with an emptiness which mainly came from feeling like he′d lost himself as a musician.

He felt he needed to spend some time surrounded by music. He wanted it and needed it. And so Simon D stayed quiet for a while, working on what he wanted to work on, and finally came out with his first solo album on October 7. He put down everything and went back to being the person he was before his debut, a man who only cared for music.

“When I entered the recording booth after wrapping up all my broadcasts, it felt like I was in heaven. I was happy to see myself writing lyrics and recording songs in the studio. Earning money is good, but this felt like I had come closer to the musical life I wanted. That’s why this album means so much. It will be my life’s turning point.”

This time, he didn’t hesitate when he said he was happy. His features seemed to have changed with his newfound peace, too. Everything, from his shoulders scrunched up with the sudden popularity, to his face showing its fatigue, changed entirely. He was pressured by the full authority given to him for his album, but you could tell he was happy with the fulfillment of his musical wishes.

SHINee Debut Concert a Success in Japan

SHINee Debut Concert a Success in Japan

The group performed three songs, including its debut song ‘Replay-Noona Is So Pretty′.

“I don’t care whether this album is criticized or whether people make a lot of bad comments about it. I’m satisfied because I showed what I can do. I enjoyed working [on the album] so much. I think I’ll be happy if my fans just start to notice ‘So Simon D is a person who can do this’ or ‘He knows how to do stuff like this?′"

Simon D hadn’t lost his hip-hop swagger. He didn’t care what other people thought about him. The most important thing was the satisfaction he felt singing and making his own music.

But Simon D’s way didn’t stray too far from the public’s tastes. Simon D managed to mix together a bit of something that would appeal to the public even with his own unique colors.

“It’s been about two years since I’ve come up from the underground. I didn’t intend to do it, but I’ve managed to learn how to do music that the public can listen to during my two years in the commercial world. This happened even though I didn’t think to put in anything that would appeal to the public on purpose. When I heard all of the tracks in my album for the first time, I was surprised at how well-balanced the album was.”

Everyone changes. Simon D changed. The good thing is that he changed for the better. He’s become even more musical, and he’s also become a person who can accept a wider range of people as his fans.

Photo credit: Amoeba Culture
Translation credit: Erika Kim

SHINee is coming off of performances in Fukuoka on July 22, Kobe on July 23, and Tokyo on July 27 and 28. The group plans to continue its debut concert tour of Japan in Sapporo on August 8 and Nagoya on August 11, making a total of 16 concerts.

Meanwhile, SHINee is set to release its second Japanese single ‘Juliette’ on August 29.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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