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[Interview] Infinite Wants to Cut Back on the Synced Dances

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2012.07.22 23:00 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

It started off like any other group, but now, it’s in a completely different setting.

Infinite has been active for just two years, but it’s become a proud agent of K-Pop in the world.

The group isn’t from one of the three big agencies, and a few members weren’t even aiming to be idol singers at all. So, how did this group come to be where it is now?

Enews met with Infinite when it was almost finished promoting its new single The Chaser.

The group plans to hold its 2012 Infinite Arena Tour in Japan starting from October. The tour will start in Yokohama Arena from October 27-28, then travel through Nagoya on November 1, Kobe from November 3-4 and Fukuoka on November 11.

[Interview] Infinite Wants to Cut Back on the Synced Dances

You’ll be going on an arena tour in Japan.

Hoya: “We were able to thanks to the road our seniors set down before us. We’ll work hard.”

You’re especially popular in Japan.

L: “I can’t believe it. I think it’s because of our relatable and friendly image. People told us that there aren’t any groups in Japan with characters like us. J-Pop singers are more like princes and are hard to approach, but we’re more comfortable.”

Woo Hyun: “I think our synchronized dances were the biggest appeal. I believe they’ve acknowledged that we worked hard.”

What are your plans for promotion in countries other than Japan?

Sung Yeol: “We’ll be holding a fanmeeting in Thailand from July 27-28. We’ve been to Thailand a few times before, but this is the first time we’ll be there for our own exclusive event. I’m looking forward to it.”

Woo Hyun: “I want to go anywhere in the world we’re called to. I want to go to the U.S. and Europe, and we’ve never been to China either though it’s close by. This is our first fan meeting in [a different region of] Asia. We’ve held concerts before in Singapore and Hong Kong.”

You have a lot of fans overseas even though you haven’t promoted much except for in Japan.

Sung Kyu: “That’s why it’s more amazing. There are fans from Malaysia, India, Argentina and even Brazil. I was so surprised. I believe they became fans through YouTube or other means on the internet. I’m so proud. I’m happiest when fans say they learned Korean because of us. I want to go to South America, too.”

How do you think you got to where you are now?

Hoya: “I think our hard work moved our fans’ hearts.”

Dong Woo: “We have teamwork like family. It’s thanks to that.”

Sung Kyu: “Our company supported us a lot. We worked hard too. Our president even sold his house to produce our album; he had everything at stake. Unfortunately, our debut album and our second album didn’t do well, but still, he believed in us and that made us think we should work hard, too. We became one.”

Now you’ve probably fulfilled some of the dreams you dreamed at the time of your debut.

Sung Kyu: “Now I really feel like I’m a singer. I especially felt we had become singers when we performed in our concerts. I was happy to see people cheering for us after listening to our songs. Being onstage was so much fun, and it was a great experience. We still haven’t fulfilled my ultimate dream. I want us to become the nation’s idol.”

[Interview] Infinite Wants to Cut Back on the Synced Dances

Do you have any rivals?

Woo Hyun: “We don’t have any groups we think of as rivals. Every group has its own color, and we also have our own. We do have seniors we want to be like. They are g.o.d and TVXQ (DBSK). TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho sunbae especially gives us a lot of good advice.”

Sung Kyu, Woo Hyun and Dong Woo originally didn’t dream of becoming members in an idol group.

Dong Woo: “Thanks to that our music is different from other idol groups’. We talk about our styles of music and exchange tastes, and that lets us learn more.”

Sung Kyu: “I thought my becoming an idol group member was ridiculous, but my members were also probably surprised to be in a group with someone like me. I don’t think of myself as an idol even now. L and Sung Jong have looks that fit their status as an idol, but I really don’t. I’m promoting with the thought that I never would’ve gotten to be in a group with friends like these in any other area.”

Woo Hyun: “I actually danced for the first time ever when I came [to this group].”

L: “I believe it’s kind of like destiny how we became one as Infinite. Since we’ve become an idol group anyway, I want us to be a group that leaves its mark in K-Pop history.”

Hoya: “You can’t be in an idol group when you’re old. I’m trying to work hard since it’s something I can only do now. Later, I want to become a real singer.”

Do you have any plans to go solo?

Sung Kyu: “If I get the chance I want to work with the style of music I like. I’m confident, too.”

Woo Hyun: “I don’t want to be stuck with one genre of music. I want to try many different genres.”

You all live in the same home; how is it?

Woo Hyun: “We’re like real brothers now since we’ve lived together for four years.”

Sung Kyu: “It’s like a sitcom. We boys fight over and then become happy about food. When someone’s in trouble, we get together to grab some drinks. Because my hometown is Jeonju, I have a lot of stuff piled in our home. I’m sorry that I’m using up so much space.”

What are your thoughts on the Korean wave?

Sung Yeol: “If you look only at our group, the Korean wave is an opportunity and a source of pressure at the same time. So many eyes are fixed on Korean music. We have to work hard so that we don’t embarrass others. Since it’s a great opportunity, we won’t let anyone down.”

[Interview] Infinite Wants to Cut Back on the Synced Dances

Do you have any foreign artists you would like to work with?

Sung Kyu: “I wish we could if we just said it now. I have so many, like Radiohead or Taylor Swift.”

Hoya: “Usher. I wish he would at least follow me on Twitter.”

Dong Woo: “I like the humorous Nicki Minaj.”

Woo Hyun: “Stevie Wonder and Eric Benet.”

Sung Jong: “I love Beyonce. Beyonce once put together a performance with backup dancers that danced synchronized moves, and it looked like it would be great if she did it with us.”

You’re also called the group-dance-dol. Do you plan to continue working on that character?

Sung Yeol: “Actually, now we’re trying to stop. It is our character, but it could be too suffocating.”

Sung Kyu: “Hoya and Dong Woo always used to dance, so the matching group dances would’ve been suffocating for them. Now, I can dance too. (Laugh)”

Hoya: “I think it’s time we showed off our individual merits rather than be the same like machines.”

Will you be going on vacation?

“We want to. We can’t take breaks even when we’re overseas for concerts. Once after our debut, the members and agency workers all went on a trip to Phuket. It was so much fun. Even if we can’t go overseas, we want to at least go on a trip to a river in Korea.”

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