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[Interview] Girls’ Generation Wants to Keep You Hanging

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2011.10.19 09:58 Mwave Park, HyunMin

Whenever Girls′ Generation does anything, fans all over Asia start buzzing. This time, the Girls are hoping that they′ll make issues all around the world.

While even simple jeans and plain white tees can′t hide the superiority of these nine girls, their real appeal is that they′ll never settle for their present, and continually try to take on higher obstacles for their future.

This is the group that has you looking forward to their tomorrow. This is Girls′ Generation.

The fresh teenage girl who first appeared in front of the public with their 2007 single Into the New World have now become mature women, with their third studio album, The Boys.

In the girls′ own words, they′ve "grown up naturally, with the flow of time," with each album. Enews met these nine members to learn just what was on these girls’ minds.

[Interview] Girls’ Generation Wants to Keep You Hanging

Heading Into the New World

With its third studio album, Girls′ Generation had, from the start, a global audience as its target.

The album’s first single The Boys was released worldwide through online music outlets, including iTunes, on October 19 and the maxi single for The Boys is scheduled for an American release in November through Interscope Records, a major label under the world’s largest music content company Universal Music Group, which is home to global pop star, Lady Gaga.

“Since it’s supposed to be [a worldwide album], we mainly tried not to seem like we leaned too much to one side when our global audience listened [to the album]," said Taeyeon. "We then added Girls’ Generation’s own colors to make it less awkward. As much as the members and staff worked hard on it, I’m curious as to how it will be received.”

The Boys is a futuristic pop urban dance song written exclusively for Girls’ Generation’s global debut by Teddy Riley, labeled as one of the world′s top three producers.

“We worried a lot about working with Teddy Riley, but he actually made us comfortable so that we could record in a free atmosphere," added Taeyeon. "He was very friendly, telling us to loosen up and dance while we sang. I felt that [the song] was, overall, ‘new.′ When I heard the final mixed version of the song the sounds were entirely different.”

Not only was the sound surprising to the girls, it′s likely to be somewhat startling to their fans, who′ve come to expect a certain sweetness from Girls′ Generation. But with The Boys the Girls have decided to abandon that image and become fierce rather than saccharine.

“We thought it was meaningful that we were taking on a new challenge, and we wanted to show it as fast as possible," said Seohyun.

[Interview] Girls’ Generation Wants to Keep You Hanging

The New Girls’ Generation: Dancers, Rappers and Lyricists

But this isn′t the first time Girls′ Generation has changed. With each comeback, the group has put on a fresh image, one that always sweeps the nation. But as the group would be attempting to conquer the world, and wouldn′t just be catering to its existing fans, the changes had to be even more dramatic this time around.

First, the group shed their original simple and repetitive dance moves for a more synchronized and strong routine. The members all complained that dance practice made “even going up and down the stairs such a pain.” Tiffany even mentioned that they “got so many bruises” on their legs, making us wonder just what the new and improved dance routine would be like.

All of the members also took on rapping for the first time since their debut.

The youngest member Seohyun said, “I’ve never rapped before, and this is the first time I’ve tried it. We were worried on whether we could keep the feeling alive [in our rap], but some of the other members wanted to try rapping, and we learned a lot in recording. I think this album is a big challenge for all of us. I wanted to show how we′ve mature through these types of songs.”

Tiffany and Seohyun agreed that “Hyoyeon was the one who sounded immediately fabulous” when asked who was the most natural rapper, and added together that “Hyoyeon managed to keep the rap interesting.”

In response, Hyoyeon admitted, “When I was in the recording booth, it was hard, but when I heard what came out, I was a bit satisfied.”

Rapping aside, Sooyoung made her debut as a lyricist with the album’s fifth track, How Great Is Your Love.

Sooyoung showed her satisfaction when she said, “I received the guide [version of the song] and after wondering whether I should write [the lyrics] or not, I just finished it in a day. It wasn’t polished enough so I edited it with the members even on the day of recording. I learned a lot, and I feel great that the song was put into the album.”

[Interview] Girls’ Generation Wants to Keep You Hanging

Wondering How Far They Can Go

Some may wonder if this tough-girl image really fits the group, or if it just seems affected. But the members promise that it′s not just an act, but something that happens to match how much they′ve grown since debuting.

"All the members have changed, and they like new challenges," said Taeyeon. "I think our supportive fans like those changes also. I also wonder how far we can go with our changes. I think this time we’ll be able to show how we’ve loosened up and become more laid back.”

“Rather than be pressured by the changes, we worry more about how we can come out with a more developed album with better quality,” Sooyoung added.

Tiffany also showed her enthusiasm, saying, “I want to show our fans as soon as possible how much we’ve changed. Our studio album contains 12 songs. There are so many songs that [our fans] will like to listen to for a long time; I want to give it to them as a present.”

And what does the leader of Girls′ Generation hope for her group′s future?

“There will be people who learn about Girls’ Generation for the first time through this song, and there will be people who hear it and wonder where this side of us came from. We want to make everyone continually look forward to [what we come out with] in the future. We want to make them always ask ‘What kind of song will Girls’ Generation show us this time?’”

[Interview] Girls’ Generation Wants to Keep You Hanging

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