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Han Ye Seul Returns With No Apologies

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2011.08.17 18:20 Mwave Lee, JinHo

There was no apology. This is what can be said about Han Ye Seul, who returned to Korea after flying to America while refusing to film the KBS2 drama Spy Myeongwol.

Han Ye Seul returned to Incheon International Airport on the 17 at 4:56PM, on the Korean Air flight KE018, looking exactly as she did when she left for Los Angeles just a few days earlier.

Han Ye Seul Returns With No Apologies

"The great stress and fear drove me to make this choice. I believe some will understand why I chose to act this way," a haggard Han Ye Seul told the press. "It is true that I caused the other actors and staff members much harm. However, I do not think the (production) system will ever change if I don’t take such measures."

This was her first apology toward the staff and other actors. She did not, however, apologize to her viewers for failing to provide them with a new episode, which effectively broke a ′promise′ she had made with the viewers.

This caused more heads to shake as this was after she had already apologized by phone to the president of KBS′s drama division and expressed her wish to return to the scene.

Han Ye Seul also added that she knows she will “be the object of severe criticism,” but she “hopes this incident will let who work in the industry look back upon themselves.”

As she said, the harsh production environment needs to be improved, but, it is difficult to find any legitimate justification for her actions when she seems to feel no remorse to Just like she said, the poor production environment needs to be improved. It is, however, difficult to find any justification for her actions when she seems to feel no remorse for her viewers.

Han Ye Seul failed to appear for Spy Myeongwol shootings on the 14th and 15th and on the 15th, made an unprecedented move by flying to LA, giving the production team no choice but to cancel the scheduled broadcast.

Photo credit: Kim Byeong Kwan

4Minute is back with its full album, casting aside its powerful image as warriors, and returning as mature women instead.

With this new change, however, several media outlets stated, “The performance is too sexual for a girl group with an average age of 18.8.”

Han Ye Seul Returns With No Apologies

Enews: How do you feel about the choreography changes?

Ji Hyun: We don’t feel too bad about it. The main point of the ‘Mirror Mirror’ choreography is actually the mirror performance and floor sweeping moves. We didn’t think this part of the choreography would gather so much attention. We also didn’t expect it to be seen as being sexually suggestive either. A lot of people said that we should change it, so we did. We’re always ready to make changes.

Ji Yoon: I saw an article that wrote, “Although the dance is only for a short moment, it looks sexually suggestive when you capture the image or watch it in slow motion.” I had to nod my head in agreement.

Enews: How did the choreography change?

Hyuna: We changed it so we’re neither sitting nor crawling. It’s fun to capture so many people’s attention. We’re going to show different versions of our dance on ‘M!Countdown,’ as well as on other programs.

Enews: It seems like your previous “warrior” image has disappeared. Maybe that’s why people aren′t used to your new concept?

Ga Yoon: We want to keep our individuality, but also be loved by all. We want to be loved by various age groups. We haven’t thrown away our individuality. I guess you can say we still have the same core, but are trying out different things.

Hyuna: At the fan signing in Daegu, it was amazing to see soldiers who came out of the army to see us. Most of our fans were women, and it was the first time we saw older men follow us.

Han Ye Seul Returns With No Apologies

Enews: It seems like you have more male fans now.

Ji Yoon: I have friends in the army, and they tell me everyone there waits to see us come out on TV. I had a hard time believing this.

Hyuna: Maybe it’s because our makeup is more feminine now? We put on heavy smoky eye shadow in the past, but now we put on light subtle makeup, so our feminine features are highlighted.

Enews: Any last words to your fans?

We hope that people continue to support us, even if our choreography has changed. We had to change our dance six times already before coming out with this song. Because we put in so much of our effort into this performance, we hope the reactions are positive.

Translation credit: Esther Oh

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