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The No.1 of the last week of April: 2PM - Without U

Program : M COUNTDOWN, 2015-09-18

:G.OJoonLee HyoRi2PM2AMSecretU-KissZE:ARain 
: The Last week of April M Countdown! 2AM - I Did Wrong 2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop, Without U Secret - Break Time, Magic Rain - Love Song Lee HyoRi - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ZE:A - All Day Long U-KISS - Nothing Jung SeulGi - It's Raining Gil HakMi - Rainism Rain - Hip Song Gil HakMi - 10 Minutes Secret - Toc! Toc! Toc! U-KISS - U-Go-Girl Lee HyoRi - I'm Back, Want Me Back JungIn & G.O, Jo Kwon, ChangMin - You Are Not Alone The Winner of the last week of April is 2PM - Without U! 

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