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Four Men Come Back with a more mature and sexy appearance with CNBLUE's own unique emotions
CNBlue has now released their 3rd MINI ALBUM . Just like its title; "EAR FUN" has songs with the typical CNBlue-emotions and consists also of Modern Rock showing their unique colors. This album has total 6 tracks such as a title song 'Hey You', 'Still In Love', 'Dream boy', 'Rock n' Roll', 'Run', and 'In My Head'. The album is characterized by various genres of Rock 'n' Roll and Pop-Rock based on modern style of Rock together with their unique colors. Especially, Jung YongHwa's own song 'In My Head' (which ranked first on the Oricon chart for the first time in 10 years as a foreign band) was translated into Korean by Jung YongHwa himself, so you can enjoy a new style of 'In My Head' in this album. You can listen to 'CNBlue's typical music style as well as other songs that makes you emotional. So you can expect a changed CNBlue, who are now coming back after one year of hard work preparing for this new album!
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1 Hey You / CNBLUE - EAR FUN

This mini album's title song 'Hey You' is modern rock mixed with shuffle rhythm so it is a new music style by CN Blue. This song has as much of the typical CN Blue music style at it has new sounds of jazz rythms. It has a bright melody together with upbeat rhythms and the lyrics shows a longing for his lost love, which provocates emotions even more.
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2 Still In Love / CNBLUE - EAR FUN

As an acoustic modern rock style song, this songs intro is a quiet melody starting with a soft voice along with a gentle electronic piano while the strong chorus is played with a guitar and piano sound.
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3 Dream boy / CNBLUE - EAR FUN

The intro starts slowly, but has a twist as the tempo becomes faster. This song has a "hope and cheer up" message that you can do everything you dream about, as well as it makes you think about happy memories.
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4 Rock n' Roll / CNBLUE - EAR FUN

This song shows CNBlue’s new style with a rap-like melody and cheerful tune, so it stands out comparing to their old songs. Jung YongHwa's voice and CNBlue's performance are well harmonized so that a new Rock and Roll was created.
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It has a cheerful melody with lyrics of bravely running away from daily routines and a stuffy life. This song can give you energy as well as you can cry out cool words like; 'I am the main character of myself' and 'run like mad'.
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6 In My Head / CNBLUE - EAR FUN

In My Head' released in Japan ranked the first on the Oricon chart, and Jung YongHwa translated it into Korean for Korean fans and this mini album includes it as the last song. You can enjoy CNBlue's unique 'In My Head'.

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[ Mnet Special ] - CNBLUE Greetings

[ Music Video ] Hey You

[ Music Video ] Still In Love

[ Photo ] CNBLUE

Introduce this 3rd mini album with 1 LINE.

[Yonghwa] This 3rd mini Album is EAR FUN! This music is what makes EAR FUN!!
[Jonghyun] RUN!! There is lots of music that we jump up while listening
[Minhyuk] 3rd mini album!! Have you heard 'EAR FUN'? If you haven't, listen right now!!
[Jungshin] This album makes EAR FUN & EYE FUN. You guys feel empathy? hahaha

[ Interview ]

Q. Hello. Nice to meet you guys. Say hi to Mnet.com fans.
Hi Mnet.com Fans, It's really good to see you. CNBLUE is back with 3rd mini album 'Ear Fun'!!!
Q. It's been a year, How have you been?
Yeah, last year we held the 'BLUE STORM' concert in Korea, and after that the BLUE STORM Asia Tour in Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And recently in March, we successfully finished the 'STAND UP' concert in LA with FTISALND.
Q. Please introduce the "EAR FUN" album.
This third MINI ALBUM <EAR FUN> is a very enjoyable album like its title, and it contains many of Modern Rock tracks which presents CNBLUE's typical style. Including the title track 'Hey You', we have 6 tracks such as 'Still in Love', 'Dream boy', 'Rock n' Roll', 'Run', and 'In My Head'. We tried to express our unique music and sound with Rock n' Roll, Pop Rock and CNBLUE style based on Modern Rock.
Q. Talk about the track 'In My Head` which is composed by Jung YongHwa!
We topped the Oricon Chart with this track in Japan, and we were the first foreign band who ranked No.1 in 41 years. YongHwa translated the song in Korean, and this Korean version 'In My Head' became very new and attractive track.
Q. Recently You guys had a joint concert with FTISLAND in LA, where the band music originated, How was it?
It was not the first foreign concert outside Asia, but this time was our very first overseas concert which was held only for CNBLUE and FT Island. We were really excited for that concert and enjoyed it a lot. We remember every moment of the concert and all the fan's reaction.
Q. The Music Video was pretty impressive, were there any fun incidents?
As you can see in the video, there were lots of foreign models in it. And lots of them were exchange students in Korea, so they were kind of good at speaking Korean. But the thing is, they had no idea who we were, and just thought we were another models for the music video. So that incident made us to think we should try harder.
Q. Talk about your plans and goals for 2012
We came back to Korea after one year, so we are going to do lots of activities with this new album <EAR FUN>. We really want to return your love with improved music and performance. Also MinHyuk and JongHyun tried really hard to make good performance and acting in the dramas, so please pay attention to them as well.
Q. Any final words for Mnet.com fans?
Mnet.com Fans! We finally released the newest CNBLUE’s album. Please love CNBLUE’s third mini album [EAR FUN], and the title track >Hey you<! Thank You So Much!!!
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